Want to deep-dive into the world of precision agriculture?

Oct 28, 2020

We create free apps that help farmers all over the world monitor crop health and make better decisions on when and how many seeds or fertilizers to apply. We also share use cases, the results of our field experiments, and how our technologies work.

Which article brought you here? Was it the list of top YouTube blogs for farmers or our explanation of how we turn satellite images into normalized difference vegetation index maps? Or were you drawn here by our interview with a 21-year-old agronomist from Ukraine?

In any case, our blog has many more articles covering precision farming! We love the blog and bet you will, too. Dive into the OneSoil blog to see for yourself ;)

Each month, we publish several new articles that explore

  • The results of our field experiments on variable-rate seeding or fertilizer application
  • Stories about farmers and agronomists from different countries
  • OneSoil’s magic: how we turn satellite imagery into helpful data for farmers
  • Crop scouting and field monitoring tips.

See you on the OneSoil blog!




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